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PEARL Devere Day

Saturday, July 23, 2022

Racers check-in at 10 am. Bed Race to start at 11 am.


Bed Race Rules

Each team will have three (3) members ; two (2) “Johns” and one (1) “Pearl”.  Pearl will ride on the bed with one John, while the Johns take turns pushing, one “John” will push the bed to the turnaround point, change pushers and return to the start/finish line.  It is up to the discretion of the team what their team looks like, it can be three guys or three gals, but one will need to be designated as their “Pearl” and stay on the bed for the entire race and all team members must be 18 or older.  There are no set specifications for the bed design, just remember you will be pushing it on a Cripple Creek street, so take into consideration the weight, ease of handling around corners and durability. The number of race heats will be determined by the number of entries.  Each heat will be timed, the fastest time will be declared the winner of that heat.


Bed Racing Teams can also choose to enter their bed design and decorations, and/or team costumes for chances to win additional prizes.


Entry Fee is $30 per team. All team members must be 18 or older and complete/submit a completed Waiver. Pre-registration deadline is July 20th. Race day check-in opens at 10 am.

(Download Bed Race Form)  Or register online below.

All proceeds from this event will benefit The Old Homestead House.

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