PEARL Devere Day

Pearl DeVere Day is to honor the Madame who built and ran the Old Homestead House during the heyday of the Gold Rush in Cripple Creek/Mining District. We held our first Pearl DeVere Day in July 2019. We had to skip the event in 2020, but we've had a lot of interest so we are happy to be continuing on Saturday, July, 24, 2021.

The day’s main event is the BED RACE, where teams of three build their own bed to race against other teams. Prizes will be awarded for best decorated bed, the best team costumes, and of course who runs the race the fastest.


Register below to view the rules and enter your BED RACE team or (Download Bed Race Entry Form) here.

Before, during breaks and after the races there will be plenty of entertainment to enjoy including a Beer Garden; dancing; games; souvenirs to purchase; Victorian acts; and what ever else we dream up. Our Beer Garden will feature Root Beer Floats (adult versions available), since legend has it that Root Beer Floats, or “Black Cows” as they were originally called, when they were first served on Myers Avenue here in Cripple Creek, Colorado.

Join us Saturday, July 24, 2021, for Pearl DeVere Day, celebrating the Madame who established the fanciest whorehouse in Cripple Creek. 

TOURS of the Old Homestead House Museum will be running from 12:00 to 4:00pm. You can reserve a tour time by clicking below.

All proceeds from this event will benefit The Old Homestead House